The Process From Idea To Delivery


Customer Part File

The customer explains the needs, tools or machines to perform an operation at their location.  They will supply us with a part file along with the requirements of what they need accomplished.



Our designer takes the information from the customer and creates a concept.  Once the customer approves the concept, our designer creates the needed  blueprints via Key Creator for the machinists to manufacture the fixture.


Our machinists cut to machine the needed parts to size and assemble the fixture as per the blueprints. 


Quality & Function Review
Once the fixture is completely assembled, the machinist will test the fixture with the customers parts (if available) to make sure it is properly working and make any adjustments if needed.
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Final Product
After the fixture is inspected and works correctly we have the final product.  



We will personally deliver the completed fixture to the customer.  If we are unable to deliver the product, we will make shipping arrangements with the customer to make sure they receive it in a timely manner. 



Our Guarantee
We stand by the quality of our work and if something malfunctions or needs adjustments, we will correct the issue immediately.